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Snoopy, the World’s Most Famous Beagle, proves that Happiness really IS a warm puppy… on ICE!

Woodstock Ice Productions was created to continue the legacy of the Charles M. Schulz produced theatrical ice productions starring Snoopy and the many iconic Peanuts characters. With her background in professional figure skating, as well as live theatrical family entertainment, Jill Schulz-Transki, the youngest daughter of Charles M. Schulz, continues to oversee the production of all Snoopy ice shows in order to maintain the integrity and quality of all Woodstock Ice Productions.

Adapting story lines and inspiration from the classic comic strip, books and wonderful animation, and cleverly weaving them into today’s pop music and culture, these fabulous, fun, fast-paced, high energy ice shows offer a brilliant and glossy showcase for SNOOPY and friends to skate their way through new adventures. Joined by world-class skating champions, glamorous costumes and inventive, eye-popping scenery, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Schroeder, Sally, Linus, and, of course SNOOPY, the world of PEANUTS takes to the frozen stage.

What fun the watch SNOOPY as the “Great Writer” bringing his stories to life, or Charlie Brown finally getting to kiss the Little Red-Haired Girl at the prom…. Or Schroder’s Beethoven fantasy with his cute showgirls as musical notes, or Lucy and her skating back-up girls mimicking to day’s pop diva videos!!

The whimsical and magnificent ice show productions created by Woodstock Ice Productions are truly a delight for the whole family!

Staff Bios

Jill Schulz-Transki

Executive Producer , Woodstock Ice Productions.

A former gold-medalist figure skater, Jill has performed all over the world with Holiday On Ice and Ice Follies as a featured soloist, as well as Radio City Music hall, Universal Studios, and Knott's...

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Karen Kresge

Creative Director & Choreographer

Continuing her decades-long relationship with Jill and the Schulz Family, Karen Kresge serves as the Creative Director and Choreographer for all Woodstock Ice Productions ice shows, in particular the...

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Amanda Fraser

Production Manager

Amanda began formal dance training at the age of three and spent the first 18 years of her life either in the studio or on the stage. After graduating from the University of California, Santa...

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