Karen Kresge

Creative Director & Choreographer

Continuing her decades-long relationship with Jill and the Schulz Family, Karen Kresge serves as the Creative Director and Choreographer for all Woodstock Ice Productions ice shows, in particular the ice shows encased at the Cedar Fair theme parks across the U.S. and Canada.

For over 20 years Karen worked closely with the cartoonist, Charles Schulz, creating superb, world-renowned, full-length ice show productions at his famous skating arena within the Schulz Museum / Ice Arena / Gift Shop complex in Santa Rosa, California. Kresge and Schulz acted as hosts to countless World and Olympic skating stars and skaters from around the world in their holiday ice shows.

Kresge’s background as a star performer with Ice Follies led to her association with Charles Schulz and the PEANUTS characters. In numerous live and televised productions, Kresge portrayed SNOOPY’S “girlfriend” skating and swirling around SNOOPY on his doghouse as he played the guitar for her. After touring for 9 years, Schulz asked Kresge to teach at his skating rink in Santa Rosa, California, leading to their 20+ year creative collaboration and friendship.

Schulz’s immense talent and humor informed and infused the ice shows he and Kresge developed, and her insightful creative direction helped to make theirs a wonderful partnership.

Kresge’s credits include:

Founding Director and Choreographer for Scott Hamilton’s “Stars On Ice” ; Director and Choreographer for “Nutcracker, A Fantasy On Ice” starring Dorothy Hamill and Robin Cousins ; Creative Director and Choreographer for all Cedar Fair theme park ices show in collaboration with Woodstock Ice Productions ; and guest judge on the British celebrity skating reality show, “Torvill & Dean’s Dancing On Ice”.

Most recently Kresge worked for the renowned, European International ice show company, Holiday On Ice, serving as Creative Director and Choreographer for their Productions “Festival” and “Spirit”.

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