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Woodstock Ice productions is a full service production company creating special customized performances for every clients needs. We are the only company licensed to provide Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang in ice productions. Our director, Karen Kresge, spent over 30 years working one on one with Charles M. Schulz creating elaborate 2 hour annual sold out theatrical skating productions starring World Class and Olympic Gold medalists in a cast of over 40 skaters, including Snoopy himself. We are currently in production with many Snoopy On Ice productions throughout the country with the Cedar Fair Corporation.

Although we specialize in the Snoopy productions, we are also no stranger to classical evening, outdoor special events, as well as many other genres and
style of ice productions featuring local and national performers. Our company prides itself in bringing the utmost in professional ice productions from concept, choreography, music, and costumes, to the most talented performers in the industry!


From initial concept to finished product, we work closely with our clients in providing a customized concept for each and every client. We are the only ice production company able to bring Snoopy and the Peanuts characters onto the ice in family friendly production combined with the top professionals from around the world.


Our extensive background in the world of figure skating and ice productions allows us to have connection from around the world with best talent available. We have connections with the best talent available in order to create the best combination of talent for each individual show. Additionally, we provide an on-site company manager on on site to handle the ongoing needs of each and every production.


We specialize in stylized choreography designed the bring out the best of each and every theme from traditional, glamour, rock and roll, classical, or contemporary. Our director and choreographer Karen Kresge is the only choreography with the extensive of background in choreography designed specifically for the many personalities of Snoopy.


Our show director, Karen Kresge, a veteran of Ice Follies, worked for over 25 years directly with Charles M. Schulz on his well known holiday productions in perfecting Snoopy on ice. In addition to the Snoopy performances, we have choreographed special evening events with a more classical feel, as well is a variety of corporate events in both indoor and outdoor venues.


Throughout the years we have worked with all styles and genres of music. We have in house editing abilities to create the perfect soundtrack as well as video in most every situation. Our productions have included shows from 15 minutes to 2 hours of carefully edited soundtracks and special effects.


From the simple to the extravagant, our costumes bring the best to every theme, genre, and style to make every production a unique and special event. Our designers have created costumes for the likes of Dorothy Hamill and Scott Hamilton, as well as over 30 years of Charles M. Schulz productions.


Woodstock Ice Productions has worked with the best in the world. We have an extensive background in creating shows with Olympic and World class guest stars, as well as making a "world class" production with the many talented principal and ensemble performers across the country. And of course.....we are the only production company with rights to the use of Snoopy and the other Peanuts characters in professional ice shows.